Invisible Bead


Invisible Bead Extensions are different than any other extension on the market. The I.B.E. method is the only method that creates no tension on the hair, has no exposed beads, and does not irritate the scalp. If you love a good pony tail- this is for you. It gives you the ability to wear your hair up on day 1 without any discomfort or damage to the hair. They are undetectable whether your hair is up or down.


Mermaid Hair Extensions

Mermaid hair also known as i-tip hair extension is a new and improved version of the cold fusion hair extension. It uses a small bead to attach the hair extension to your hair and is clamped down to hold it in place. The best part? You get double the thickness compared to your average hair extension, double the hair AND in 1/2 the time to install. The entire process took under 3 hours to complete.

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